Evolved - Pilot

(half hour comedy)


The only thing worse than white, heterosexual, male privilege is not being able to enjoy it.

Equal parts buddy comedy and cunning social satire, Evolved is a half hour comedy about two brothers blessed with social advantage and cursed by liberal guilt. Truth is, sometimes you just want to show your son Return of the Jedi without worrying about the objectification of the female protagonist through the male gaze!

The script was a finalist in the 2016 Sundance Episodics Labs.

Instagram: @evolved.series



Half-Way - Pilot

(half hour comedy)

Sophie Stevenson is a buttoned-up perfectionist. But when she lands a job as an R.A. at an all-girl's rehab facility, she becomes an unlikely mentor, friend and pupil of a group of troubled teens. At its heart it's a story of female resilience as each week Sophie and the girls struggle to break free from the limiting institutions of academia, a dysfunctional rehab facility and society's expectations of young women at large. Half-Way suggest that sometimes breaking the rules is the only way to set yourself free. Other times, it'll land you in rehab. And on rare occasion, those are the same thing.



Danielle also writes and performs sketch comedy. Here are a few of her favorites. 


The game show where contestants guess whether two people are siblings or if they're fucking!

Springtime... always makes me want to rob a Container Store.

Look buddy, we can't all be Marie Condo. 

Sitting at a desk for long hours every day can send your back and your pussy way out of whack. 

The only pro sport where accuracy is secondary to vehemence and intractability.