(half-hour drama)

A prideful former gymnast returns to coach the next generation of Olympic hopefuls as her world record-- and sobriety-- hang in the balance. 

Official selection OTHER: a showcase of under-heard voices presented by NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

AMARA - Pilot

(half-hour dramedy)

A conceptual artist hellbent on a late-career comeback confronts the realities of single-motherhood, 'middle age,' and maybe even finding the time for some casual sex once in a while. 

The script was a finalist in the Sundance Episodics Labs.



(half-hour comedy)

Equal parts buddy comedy and cunning social satire, EVOLVED follows two white, heterosexual, cis brothers trying to be progressive, but lacking both the tools and the incentive to do so. 

The script was a finalist in the Sundance Episodics Labs.



Danielle also writes and performs sketch comedy!

The game show where contestants guess whether two people are siblings or if they're fucking!

Sitting at a desk for long hours every day can send your back and your pussy way out of whack. But now, there’s Fuck Seat!

Springtime... always makes me want to rob a Container Store.

Look buddy, we can't all be Marie Condo. 

The only pro sport where accuracy is secondary to vehemence and intractability.