DOUBLE BACK - Pilot Presentation

(Original Pilot)

A prideful former gymnast returns to coach the next generation of Olympic hopefuls as her world record-- and sobriety-- hang in the balance. 

EVOLVED - Trailer

(Original pilot)

The only thing worse than white heterosexual male privilege is... not being able to enjoy it. Equal parts buddy comedy and cunning social satire, Evolved follows two brothers trying to be progressive, but their overwhelming social privilege thwarts them at every turn.

The script was a finalist in the 2016 Sundance Episodics Labs.


Instagram: @evolved.series



Siblings Or Fucking - Sketch

Siblings or Fucking

Written By: Danielle DiPaolo

Featuring: Andrew Heaton, Max Geiser, Frankie Johnson, Iliana Inocencio, Ryan Puno, Jonny DiNapoli, Danielle DiPaolo, Julianne Cross and Brian Ureta


Container Store Heist - Sketch

Cotntainer Store Heist

Written By: Danielle DiPaolo

Featuring: Chanel Carroll, Frankie Johnson, Julianne Cross